Plumbing Material Quantities and Costs Calculator

Use the floor plan shown above as a guide to entering room sizes

Room Length Room Width
Total Unit Total
Item Unit Qty Cost Cost
25mm pvc pipe class 16 No
25mm vsp No
25mm pvc plain elbow No
25mm pvc plain socket No
pvc plain T No
25mm pvc threaded elbow No
3/4" copper to iron No
3/4" copper pipe No
3/4" stop cork No
3/4" copper elbow No
3/4" to 1/2" copper reducer No
3/4" copper to copper No
3/4" copper T No
1/2" copper pipe No
1/2" copper elbow No
1/2" copper to iron No
1/2" stop cork No
1/2" copper to female No
1/2" threaded elbow No
1/2" copper T No
1/2" stop cork underwall No
25mm threaded elbow No
3/4" to 1/2" galvanised bush No
Toilet pan No
Pan connector No
One way vent valve No
Flush rubber connecter No
Cistern tank No
Super flush No
Hook bolts No
Tub No
1/2' tub mixer underwall No
Tub waste No
Tub combination No
Basin No
Basin waste No
Basin rubber S trap No
1/2" pillar tap(hot) No
1/2" pillar tap(cold) No
1/2" stop cork (shower) No
Shower rose No
Double bowl sink No
Sink mixer No
Sink waste No
Sink combination No
1/2" tap adaptor No
50mm pvc waste pipe No
50mm pvc IE bend No
50mm pvc plain bend No
50mm pvc plain T No
1/2' galvanised pipe No
110mm pvc pipe No
Gulley head and grate No
145 110mm pvc bend No
90 110mm plain/long radius No
T junction 110mm IE No
Y junction pvc No
One way vent valve No
Gulley trap pvc No
Abc cover pvc No
Solvent cement No
Thread tape No